Black Diamond Services specializes in developing and hosting database driven web sites, including catalogs for retailers, property search engines for realtors, and membership databases for organizations. We also develop Rich Internet Applications, which are web applications that have the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications.

Most of our client facing web sites include full content management to allow our customers to maintain their web sites in real time without our intervention. We developed our content management system in-house to allow us to provide the maximum flexibility to adapt to our clients’ needs.

We also offer role based content management to allow clients to delegate management of individual pages or sections of their web sites to the appropriate department or employee.

We build sites that others won't even attempt. Check out Carvin Guitars, our Featured Solution for an example.

With offices in Pennsville, NJ (Salem County, NJ) and Colorado Springs, CO (El Paso County, CO), we provide services for clients throughout the United States. We provide both client facing web sites and back office intranet services such as data acquisition and analysis, recurrent credit card billing, newsletters, etc.

Our New Jersey office provides easy access to the Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE markets, without the expense of maintaining offices in the city. Our lower overhead, combined with rapid development made possible by decades of coding experience, allows us to produce complex web sites and web applications at significantly lower costs than our urban competitors.

Recently Completed Projects

Have Tools Will Travel screen shotHave Tools Will Travel Ed needed a basic web site with content management where he could display some of his past projects and advertise his remodeling services. more on Portfolio Page  »
Attentive Caregivers screen shotAttentive Caregivers provides families from New York to Virginia with experienced professionial caregivers. They wanted to incorporate full content management as well as on line job applications in their redesigned site. more on Portfolio Page  »
Habitat for Humanity screen shotHabitat for Humanity The Salem County affiliate needed an update of its six year old web site. Every page of this site is content managed via our databased content management application. more on Portfolio Page  »
From Your Friends screen shotFrom Your Friends a marketing and design company, provides continuous contact with client base for real estate agents agents. Matching their design concept for identical display in all browsers/platforms was critical. more on Portfolio Page  »